A Conversation with Designer Danny Wang: Part One


Danny Wang Outdoor Kitchen Example

Get to know Hestan’s new partner, luxury designer Danny Wang

Hestan is excited to announce its partnership with California-based luxury designer Danny Wang. His company, Danny Wang Design has created breathtaking outdoor kitchens and landscapes along with innovative home interiors. Inspired by culinary innovation and luxury products that can truly elevate a home, Danny was ultimately drawn to the Hestan brand and has joined the team as a brand partner.

In this three-part blog series, we’ll learn more about Danny and how he became the award-winning designer he is today, as well as his design tips for making both indoor and outdoor kitchens unique. We’re excited to share Part One of the interview, in which we learn more about Danny, some of his favorite projects and why he was inspired by Hestan.

What made you want to become a designer?

Danny: When I was younger, I was always attracted to well designed things. I wanted to design tall skyscrapers, exotic cars and luxury products. However, I was discouraged because I lack the typical artistic ability which is to draw or sketch so I gave up pursuing that career earlier on. I still kept the appreciation for those things but it wasn’t until a few years back when I had to step in for a design project that had a tight timeline. The designers I work with were too busy to take on new projects at the time so I attempted to design the project. I took it on and with the help of 3D visualisation software,  I was able to create and visualize things that I couldn’t have done on paper through sketching.

How does your background influence the spaces you design?

Danny: My background started off in the construction part of the industry. I was the builder in charge of building things for various designers and making their vision come to reality. That background was extremely helpful because I got to learn what works and what doesn’t work right at the beginning of the design planning phase. Also, I think it provided me a different perspective to design because I was able to do the process in reverse, from the build perspective then the design perspective.

How would you describe your design style?

Danny: I would describe my design style as outside-the-box style because I try to create designs contrary to traditional designs I’ve seen. With my background in working with various designers, I’ve seen many different styles of designs. Whether it’s Spanish, rustic, old world, modern, etc. What goes into my thought process as I am designing is how can I design differently than designers that would otherwise go with one particular style? How to create and innovate on top of an existing design style?

Are there any designers that you draw inspiration from, or that perhaps influenced you to go into this industry?

Danny: I didn’t attend any design school or have formal training, but the designers I worked with early in my career definitely helped me and inspired me. Two people that do inspire me in my design philosophy are Steve Jobs and Jon Ivey. I share a similar philosophy on how they innovate their products and the way they function with the minimalistic design.

What’s been your favorite project to work on so far—and why?

Danny: I do too many projects to have a favorite. But a slight hint: It’s always the award-winning ones because with those we usually have a lot of creative freedom.

Are there any challenges in design projects that you typically encounter?

Danny: I always joke with my clients that any problem can be solved with design and build. The only challenge is the amount of money that is required to do so.

What drew you to our brand?

Danny: What drew me to the Hestan brand was the philosophy in design and performance. They design products that are used in high-end restaurants, yet stand out as a focal point when people look at them. Also all the Hestan brand has to offer, such as the winery, cookware and appliances.

When it comes to appliance finishes, do you personally prefer color or stainless?

Danny: Stainless steel has always been the standard of high-end luxury appliances so we continue to use them for clients that stay on the safer side. I think colors are fun and great if used correctly. Personally, I think it would be cool to have exotic finishes such as carbon-fiber or matte finish colors similar to what they have on cars.

Do you have a favorite residential Hestan product? Are there any features that drew you to it?

Danny: My favorite residential product would be the cooking range. I think with the unique styling it really stands out from the other appliance brands.

What do you look for when placing an outdoor grill into a design project?

Danny: What I look at for an outdoor grill is the performance and the aesthetic. The grill is usually the center of attention in the outdoor kitchen so it has to look good but at the same time function well. When people are cooking outdoors they are doing heavier duty cooking so it requires a well made product to handle it.

What’s your favorite Hestan installation that you’ve completed recently?

Danny: I am working on a custom outdoor kitchen island that is in the process of being built. It’s a collaboration utilizing both the Hestan outdoor products as well as their commercial products, so stay tuned. It will be amazing.


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