Hestan and Cangshan Cutlery Presidents Talk Success Part 3 “Shaking Up An Industry”


Breaking through an industry to emerge as a premium, leading brand is no easy task. But Hestan and Cangshan Cutlery have been able to do just that. At the core of each brand’s success is a passion for innovation and quality products.

“I like to challenge myself and my team. The knife industry has been kind of boring for many years. I’m excited every day to make something new.”
– Henry Liu, President of Cangshan Cutlery.

“I have never been comfortable with following the status quo or simply aiming for just above average, so the expectations I have for my team are high. Fortunately, I work with some very talented folks whom I trust and cherish wholeheartedly, so it pays off.”
– Eric Deng, President of Hestan.

As the Hestan and Cangshan brands continue to innovate and lead their respective industries, their internal expectations continue to grow as well. That’s what it takes to become leaders in the commercial space and home kitchen. Hestan and Cangshan aren’t slowing up anytime soon. More partnerships, more innovation and more beautiful products are on the way.

“I often tell people our approach is very similar to Apple, and no one argues that they make great, quality products. Lot of new projects are on our plate, but I guarantee whatever we do, it will be good stuff and we will keep improving with help from our partners and our users.”
– Henry Liu, President of Cangshan Cutlery.

“We want to be a part of one of the oldest forms of communion in the world—people sharing a meal together. We expect Hestan to become an internationally respected and successful brand, a fundamental asset to the great art of cooking. It’s the ultimate American dream.”
– Eric Deng, President of Hestan.


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