Meet the most durable cookware in the entire world, inspired by professional chefs


of titanium nanolayers provide protection


innovation in stainless steel cookware in 100 years


global patents secured

We worked hand in hand with world-renowned chefs to reimagine and redesign cookware. Chefs needed cookware that would not only live up to their exacting standards of performance, but would also hold up to the excruciating demands of a professional kitchen. Hestan Culinary now proudly presents three product lines handcrafted in Italy that deliver this unparalleled performance excellence- without forsaking beauty.

The Most Durable Cookware in the World


Sear to perfection

NanoBond’s titanium surface can handle temperatures up to 1050ºF.

Easy Cleanup

Interior flush rivets prevent food buildup, allowing for easy cleaning.

Bye-Bye Scratches

1000s of titanium nano layers bonded to stainless steel give you 400% more strength and less scratching than ordinary stainless steel.

The Conductivity of Copper With the Durability of Steel


Functional beauty

Wraparound steel base gives you enhanced strength and induction efficiency never before seen in copper cookware.

Incomparable Induction

CopperBond’s pure copper core gives you unparalleled heat conduction & responds quickly to temperature changes.

Drip-free Pouring

French-style handle rests securely in the hand, while flared rims allow for easy pouring.

Quick temperature gain

Our ProCore™ aluminum delivers 35% greater heat conductivity than other aluminum cookware, meaning you’ll be at the right temperature faster.

Even heat distribution

Forged steel construction results in a thicker base, allowing for evenly heated cooking.

The Most Durable Nonstick Cookware in the World


Durable nonstick

3-layers of nonstick reinforced with diamond particles means ProBond is 20x more durable than other nonstick cookware.


Thomas Keller Insignia


Crafted from tri-ply clad stainless steel with ProCore™ aluminum core for optimum culinary performance.

thomas keller

Seamless Handle

The innovative seamless, bespoke handles significantly reduce heat transfer with thoughtfully placed heat vents, seamlessly fastened to the pans to eliminate one of the hardest to clean crevices.​


Space Saving

Universal lids eliminate extraneous pieces & the steam vent built into the Hestan logo reduces pressure, prevents boil overs, and eliminates rattling during the cooking process.​

Product Spotlight

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You’ll find these saucepans hanging in the kitchens of The French Laundry to Per Se. NanoBond is the most advanced cookware on the market offering unparalleled durability, superior cooking performance and lasting beauty.

Chef Timothy Hollingsworth

Product Experience

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Chef Timothy Hollingsworth

The Executive Chef & Owner of Los Angeles’ Otium, Chef Hollingsworth cannot imagine his restaurant operating without Hestan NanoBond cookware and Hestan Commercial Appliances. “It’s a gamechanger.”

Chef Timothy Hollingsworth


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Chef Thomas Keller was instrumental in the design, development, and innovation of every piece of Insignia cookware – resulting in an exceptionally thoughtful and practical collection featuring revolutionary engineering.

Thomas Keller